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Hello, you are greeted GameMoneyUp - site game currency. We are a young and already successful team of professional players in MMORGG and not just so we know what we need to each player for a comfortable game, save time, achieve maximum height and a pleasant stay. Starting to play, each presenting himself as a strong and formidable foe, at the sight of which the rivals start to tremble, popular, and perhaps the legendary players who all know and respect. We all want to be on top of the podium, but first you need to go through a laborious, long, tedious, sleepless journey. Many give up half way, or can not afford to spend too much time on THE DEVELOPMENT character. But do not be upset, we will undertake the unpleasant aspects of each game, you no longer need to engage in a long and painful leveling, boring and slow game currency earnings. Turning to us you will forget about all the problems and enjoy the game. You can always count on our experience!

Our shop sells game currency in the most popular online games. In each game, the currency has a different name, in gold or silver, Adena, Gold or Col, Kinari, lawsuits or Plex, Platinum, but the meaning is not changed, it's all called Game currency, which is a must for each player. You can buy Aden Lineage 2 and Lineage 2 Classic, Gold Tera, Silver Black Desert, Kinah Aion, Golda Blade and Soul (buy BNS gold), Golda ArchAge, obry Path of Exile, and packed full of silver and experience of World Of Tanks.

What is the game currency?

All fans of the genre Games MMORGG face game currency, which in each game can have its own name, but its meaning does not change. It is an integral part of the genre MMORGG games. In such games, all connected with the game currency, with the help of all oplachivatsya, sold or purchased. In the game, as in real life, the more you exchange, the richer you are, and the more expensive and rare items you can afford. Also, the availability of game currency depends on the speed of leveling your character, because he is better dressed and equipped for its level, the easier it will be pumped. Ways of its earnings is not small, it is the easiest to grind mobs, and as the easiest, it is not as effective. Everyone chooses the way that considers profitable and convenient. But all the ways of earning starts at high levels and are reduced to a great expenditure of time, effort and require excellent knowledge of the business. But what novchikam, do you want to pump your character quickly, and the only way to make a thing - to kill the monsters, of which at lower levels given the very small number of currencies. Or, reached the highest level, I want to plunge into battle and battle, but things your character does not allow you to do that, and to engage in a long and difficult earnings in no time. To do this, there are services that you can buy in-game currency, Kotra will provide a comfortable start to the game. Buying game currency, you free yourself from the boring aspect of the game, and thereby buy time for personal life.

What is the game currency?

Today's users no longer interesting place banal single-player games. They want to show their level of professionalism of living people, not virtual bots. Therefore MMORGG genre has become so popular in the gaming world. This genre brings together players from different parts of the world, allows the gamer to show their level of fighting in the vast expanses of the virtual world with the real players. But not everything depends on your management skills of your character. Of great importance is the so-called game currency. MMORPG require constant character development, which requires a currency. You have to fight with the monsters of the game world, complete quests and shlestnutsya in fights with other players, but that your character should wear. The most common game currency used to purchase weapons and armor from the in-game shops, which are located in different places on the game map. But in the game store you can buy is not all your items, some you can try to clear themselves, some very rare items fall only from raid monsters, so-called Raid Bosov with whom in which single you do not manage, or simply did not get there because It needs a group of a certain number of players. Therefore, there is in-game market or the secondary market, where you can buy the most rare items (armor, weapons, jewelry) or items in the knockout which you have no time. Also in the secondary market to buy things cheaper than in-game store. In some games you can buy pets (horses, wolves, chickens, water buffalo), scrolls, books, or artifacts that improve some of the indicators of the character (strength, speed, health, energy, agility, etc.), giving you an edge over other players.

Some are inherent elements of the strategy MMORPG where game currency spent on the construction of houses, merchant ships, planting garden, the transportation of goods. Also players can provide certain services for a fee assistance quests, leveling, forming groups to raid hiking. And a huge list of small, but much-needed goods and services (payment teleport between locations huge world, buying a variety of resources). For clans who managed to win the locks required to pay taxes. And for those who failed is required, the so-called clan halls that are not small and are taxed. In order to become a strong, popular and dominant in the vast world player, you will need to buy only the best, rare and expensive things, to make the currency which will take a small amount of time and effort. Rid yourself of the difficult time-consuming and tedious work, free time for a personal life. With our help, you will reach the world's respect and recognition among the players become popular player, who will all be equal. Buy game currency you will only take a few minutes and will save a huge amount of free time. Also we can buy some rare things that are not so easy to find in the secondary market.


The most debilitating aspect of the MMORPG is a buildup of character, especially heavy bleeding character in Lineage and Lineage 2 2 Classic. Start playing without the good things, weapons and resources is very difficult. The character constantly killed in battles with monsters, too slowly kills them, not all skills were made available, and even interfere with other players, stealing your monsters. Game developers are trying to make leveling as slowly as possible, so that the player spent an enormous amount of time doing these tedious affair. Especially if pumping is difficult the first time you play this game, you do not know where to go for what monsters give more experience how to pass a quest or even take it. Many players quit playing even half way, never reaching his dream. With our team, you can not afraid of boring leveling, just trust it to us, thus save yourself from the torment. Our team of professionals will gladly help you to pump your character, and our experience will help to make it in a short time. Our team has been pumping by hand rather than using bots and clickers, which have become so popular among the players and some unscrupulous shops, after which your account is blocking the use of third-party software. We swing of each character as a high quality service - this is the motto of our shop. In addition, all earned and the whole thing's currency remains with you, so you will be able to proceed immediately to complete the game at the highest level. Also here you can order the performance of individual, long and not simple quests. Our service provides a service for knocking out a certain object, which takes more than one day.

This is your first purchase game currency?

Never buy game currency? I do not know how to do it? Are you afraid to be cheated? In order to place your order, you need to choose your game, fill out the order form and payment. Ordering will take you only a few minutes. After paying our experts will deliver your product in any way you like. In the FAQ section you can view the video tutorials to our channel on YouTube, which will help you to quickly and easily buy the necessary goods. During checkout, you will see your bonus on the currency. By the way, we have a number of different bonuses. As our loyal customer, you will receive a bonus of Savings, which is the main, he is acting on the orders of any amount, the percentage of the bonus is generated from the sum of your purchases. In order to accumulate it, you need to use all orders the same email (check your bonus you can here). We also have a cumulative bonus, the more your order, the more bonus. They advised us to your friends? And for that, you get a bonus. They advised us two or three friends bonus increases. Do you like our service and you leave a review? Again, you get the bonus. For each left after a review of the order you get a bonus on the next order. Reviews are the main indicator of the site, they displayed nreputatsiya our service. Leaving, you are helping to review new customers see the quality of our services, and we will continually thank for this bonus to your order. We also conduct promotions, participation in which you need a bonus code that you can find in our social community Vkontakte, Twitter, Facebook. Learn about the action you can on the relevant icon about the game, or by subscribing to our community, then we are able to keep abreast of new promotions. You have more questions? Our consultants are always responsive answer all questions, help place the order and hold it from beginning to end.

Do not know what to do with the extra-game currency?

You for some reason decided to finish the game? Are professional players, have a large number of excess currency and do not know what to do with it? Our service deals with buying your currency and items in all the games on our list. It happens that our store is not enough goods, so we turn to the players for the completion of its stores, thus providing not only a good time in the game, but also to make real and quite good money. You might like to be a supplier and to earn good money in their favorite game. We are always glad to cooperate with new suppliers to vzaimovyhodnyh conditions. But we do not buy the currency extracted bots dyupom and stolen. Buy only pure and legally extracted. You have such a product? Refer to our contacts, or contact the online operator, and we'll tell you how to cooperate with us and become our regular supplier.